It all started with the recession in 2008 and the subsequent collapse of the American Dream. Simply getting by in New York wasn’t enough for F+F and soon life found them traveling across the United States in a 27-foot Airstream, in an attempt to capture this newly-found reality through photographing women they would meet along the way, encounters in the crisis: true Hitchcockian heroines, with passionate dispositions. The result of this 8 month trip was Circumstance: America Down on Bruised Knees, the duo’s first conceptual series and big breakthrough. The book contains over 300 high quality photographs. The size and number of pages of this photography book, meant there was a need for a solid binding, something that could last for ages. The solution was perhaps in some ways seemingly simple but yet in today’s world of machinery, quite unusual. The printer awarded this feat decided they must do most of the processes by hand. From collating to sewing, to binding, to casing, each book went through a very intensive manual labor process. Signed multilingual edition French/English YK Editions Hardcover 480 pages in slipcase. Dimensions: 40.5 x 29 cm, Weight : 5,6 kg (sold out in stores) Only a few left.
Price: $999.00
Cinematic Chronicles
Cinematic Chronicles is a large format collection of unbound posters (book size: posters folded to 11 x 16 in, open size 22 x 16 in) printed on heavy paper, held together by a banderole. This exciting layout juxtaposes the images and recontextualizing F+F's work. Photographs from Circumstance, She is Cuba, Japan Diaries, Strange Fascination and Another Way of Seeing and Hysteria. Every single spread can be taken out, seen as a whole and used as full size poster or print. 38 pages Print run 900 trade 100 Artist Proof Retail $49.95 special offer $39
Price: $39.00
F+F Playing Cards
Playing cards with 54 photographs from an limited edition run of 2000 produced to celebrate Formento + Formento's solo exhibition at Fahey Klein Gallery Los Angeles in 2014. A rare item, suitable as a gift. First run have sold out and we've updated it in 2018 with lots of new work!
Price: $15.00
Choice of 1 8x12 inch chromogenic print signed by artist, comes in folio.
Price: $299.00
Smoking Nun Cinecitta, 2012 Signed Triptych Skateboard Decks hand signed by F+F
Quantities are limited. 1. The Smoking nun shot at the famous Cinecitta Studios, Rome Italy in 2012 2. Ramen Girl, Yokohama Japan 2013 3. Lulu's Seagulls, Verona, Italy 2018 4. Great Wave of Anna, Fujiyoshida, Japan 2019 Custom Wall Art Skateboard series will consist of three decks designed and signed by F+F. 8 3/4" decks are made of the best quality hard-rock maple all hanging hardware included Limited edition of 100. Free worldwide shipping
Price: $995.00
"36" The book
36 “The captivating tableaus exude a sense of tension, melancholy, and a quiet unease. Each image from Japan Diaries exists as if it were a still taken from a noir Japanese film, each solitary figure yearning for something unknown.” Glenn O’Brien wrote of the Formento’s series Japan Diaries. In winter of 2018, BJ and Richeille returned to Japan but this time focused on channeling the artists Hokusai and Hiroshige and asked the question of what Mt. Fuji means to them. "We consider Japan our spirit place and are always yearning to come back and go deeper in our exploration of the culture and the landscape. This new work moved us out of the city of Tokyo and into the countryside. We wanted to live under the ever changing appearance of Mt. Fuji and experience its burning energy. Creating an ambiguous narrative with our women as they played out an imagined life under the strength of the mountain and beyond the edge of the frame". Embossed linen hardback with tipped in image 88 pages Book size 12 x 12 inches Publication date October 2019 ISBN-13: 978-1-7332741-0-4
Price: $59.00
"Hysteria" The book
HYSTERIA Images dealing with beauty and upheaval, brutality and optimism. Post World War II, a time when it seemed as if America was at the height of its power and also on the verge of spinning out of control. Issues in a world we still know and contend with today. Embossed linen hardback with tipped in image 88 pages Book size 12 x 12 inches Publication date October 2019 ISBN-13: 978-1-7332741-1-1 Image Size: 8x10 inches Paper Size: 12x12 inches
Price: $59.00
"Circumstance" The book
CIRCUMSTANCE CIRCUMSTANCE 2008-2010 These stirring, unapologetic photographs bring forward the legacy of change, economic depression and transience which has haunted America’s history. Places and characters in today’s settings as if searching for their own meaning a new definition of place, which still tips its hat in homage to the grit and dirt in which today’s America springs. Photographers BJ and Richeille Formento met 14 years ago, while working on a common assignment, and have been partners in both life and work ever since. Together they travel around the world, creating highly inspirational visual series that treat the human persona as prime matter that can be re-shaped through the most unconventional of scenarios. These are usually set in a surreal environment that is saturated in an abundance of contrasting references involving everything from culture and sex to high-fashion and technology. In contrast to their work, the reason that pushed the photography duo in the direction they followed was anything but surreal. It all started with the recession in 2008 and the subsequent collapse of the American Dream. Simply getting by in New York wasn’t enough for the Formentos and soon life found them traveling across the US in a 27-foot 1969 Airstream, in an attempt to capture this newly-found reality through photographing women they would meet along the way. The result of this eight-month trip was "Circumstance" the duo’s first conceptual series and big breakthrough. Embossed linen hardback with tipped in image 88 pages Book size 12 x 12 inches Publication date October 2019 ISBN-13: 978-1-7332741-2-8 Retail $49.95
Price: $59.00
Skateboard Decks Signed
Edition of 100 COA hand signed and numbered by F&F single skateboard each deck measures approximately 31x8IN (80x20CM) Made of hard-rock Canadian Maplewood 1 wall mount included per deck.
Price: $199.00
20x30 Signed Print comes with choice of book
Edition of 8 +2AP Early Editions avialable.
Price: $3,000.00
Our latest book published by A collection 77 beautiful nudes from the past 10 years presented in a hardbound linen 12x12" book printed on heavy paper. The limited edition collector series comes with a tipped in image signed by both artist $69
Price: $79.00
Terry Pastor X Formento
Terry Pastor is an artist and he is best known for his iconic album artwork for David Bowie's Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. While it is these albums that usually grab the headlines, in reality this work is just one element of Terry Pastor's career. His credits include album covers for the Beach Boys, Alex Harvey, The Sweet, Carl Palmer, Soft Machine and many other artistes. Over the years this work has won him many accolades including two prestigious Art Director of America awards and a Playboy magazine award. We are honored to collaborate with Terry with our iconic Smoking Nun, Cinecitta Italy 2012. A limited edition of this artwork, paper size 17x25" image size 12x20" Edition of 25 +5AP signed and numbered on front by both artists is available to purchase now. Also available 20x30" edition of 8 30x45" edition of 12 40x60" edition of 7 60x90" edition of 3 contact studio directly for availability.
Price: $995.00
Heavy duty canvas bag with stylin' F&F logo limited quantities on hand 13x4x13 inches
Price: $19.95
Japan Diaries The Book
JAPAN DIARIES Formento and Formento come out of a hybrid lineage of art and fashion. You might call them Third Picture Generation Artists. Their work conjures the sensibilities of an art film and extends it through lengthy series. Although their work is not explicit fashion, they tend to observe high fashion standards in casting, hair and makeup, which invariably injects a frisson of glamour into the scenario. Their locations and their light are first rate, giving a genuine cinematic sensibility to the photographs with big screen values, but Formento & Formento are a duo that travels light and manages to achieve soundstage quality without Hollywood budgets. In their Japan Diaries they arrived as outsiders bringing with them rich impressions accumulated from Japanese art and cinema, but possessing keen fresh eyes hungry for the exotic aesthetic contrarieties of this ancient yet ultra modern culture. In their work there is no resolution, only an allure that inspires longing for something strange and unknown. Everywhere there are hints of what might link these images, but the movie only happens in your head and it can be different every time. Real life happens in motion like cinema. Dreams, bounded only by the imagination, begin in stills. They are professional travelers, bringing expertise imagination and almost alien gift for absorbing and rendering the spirit of a time and place.William S Burroughs, who loved to collaborate and who created “the cut up method” with painter Brion Gysin, said that when two minds work together they create a third mind.Here we see that two eyes can create a third eye, and everyone knows that the third eye can see through time and space, showing us the things otherwise invisible. ~Glenn O'Brien Embossed linen hardback with tipped in image 90 pages Book size 12 x 12 inches $59 book $79 Signed book $299 Artist Edition signed 8X12 inch archival pigment print
Price: $59.00
SPIES, LIES & SABOTEURS SPIES, LIES AND SABOTEURS 2018-2020 Photographs that delve into the tension between reality and myth, and the fabricated and authentic, Formento & Formento allows for a spattering of ambiguity that has uncertain intention and unexpected consequences. An homage to the unsung heroines of WW2. These women were especially prevalent in the Special Operations Executive, a cobbled-together network of spies and amateurs that wrought havoc on German occupied Europe. Scores of female operatives trained to handle guns and explosives, memorize complex codes, organize munitions and supplies drops, endure harsh interrogation. They were military women, journalists, cooks, actresses and ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times. Their stories demonstrate that they were women of extraordinary courage and inventiveness who helped save the world. Embossed linen hardback with tipped in image 90 pages Book size 12 x 12 inches $59 book $79 Signed book $299 Signed book with signed 8x12 inch print
Price: $59.00