Richeille and I are taking a few years to explore sentimental longing, feelings of pleasure and the wistful affection we have for the past or place.
We salvage artifacts of the past for entertainment, to calm present anxieties. We discuss the present in terms of the past, and we judge the present by the standards of long ago. Discussions of movies and television and music tend to begin with the question, “Remember when?” Those words summon happy thoughts.  Or perhaps we return to the past because we are expert in it. Nostalgia waxes as the traditional understanding of time wanes. Human beings are temporal creatures. We need ways to understand and to order the past, the present, and the future. Nostalgia, most truly and most meaningfully, is the emotional experience—always momentary, always fragile—of having what you lost or never had, of seeing what you missed seeing, of meeting the people you missed knowing.

Are we Nostalgic because we are unhappy with the present or are frustrated because we are so nostalgic?  Through art we hope to unearth these fleeting feelings that overcome us, and to create work that connects us.