It all started with the recession in 2008 and the subsequent collapse of the American Dream. Simply getting by in New York wasn’t enough for F+F and soon life found them traveling across the United States in a 27-foot Airstream, in an attempt to capture this newly-found reality through photographing women they would meet along the way, encounters in the crisis: true Hitchcockian heroines, with passionate dispositions. The result of this 8 month trip was Circumstance: America Down on Bruised Knees, the duo’s first conceptual series and big breakthrough. The book contains over 300 high quality photographs. The size and number of pages of this photography book, meant there was a need for a solid binding, something that could last for ages. The solution was perhaps in some ways seemingly simple but yet in today’s world of machinery, quite unusual. The printer awarded this feat decided they must do most of the processes by hand. From collating to sewing, to binding, to casing, each book went through a very intensive manual labor process. Signed multilingual edition French/English YK Editions Hardcover 480 pages in slipcase. Dimensions: 40.5 x 29 cm, Weight : 5,6 kg $499.00 (sold out) A few artists proofs left Free shipping in the US +$75 worldwide
Price: $499.00
Cinematic Chronicles
Cinematic Chronicles is a large format collection of unbound posters (book size: posters folded to 11 x 16 in, open size 22 x 16 in) printed on heavy paper, held together by a banderole. This exciting layout juxtaposes the images and recontextualizing F+F's work. Photographs from Circumstance, She is Cuba, Japan Diaries, Strange Fascination and Another Way of Seeing and Hysteria. Every single spread can be taken out, seen as a whole and used as full size poster or print. 38 pages Print run 900 trade 100 Artist Proof Free shipping in the US +$25 Worldwide
Price: $29.00
F+F Playing Cards
Playing cards with 54 photographs from an limited edition run of 2000 produced to celebrate Formento + Formento's solo exhibition at Fahey Klein Gallery Los Angeles in 2014. A rare item, suitable as a gift. First run have sold out and we've updated it in 2018 with lots of new work! Free shipping in the US +$10 Worldwide
Price: $15.00